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We arw making a selection of our reference collection available online, gathered together in one place, to aid in public research and education regarding eco-driving initiatives and benefits, as well as related subject materials. This collection will grow in size and functionality as time permits. When available, we will link directly to the source for each document.
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Energy-efficient Driving

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Published: November 19, 2007
Source: International Transport Forum, Workshop on Ecodriving, Paris, 22nd November 2007
Slide 1: Climate impacts and energy costs were the driving forces for setting up a process focussing on energy-efficient driving.

Slide 2: Energy-efficient driving involves large numbers.

Slide 3: Safety and punctuality retain their priority even when energy-efficient driving patterns are used.

Slide 4: We aim at a sustained change in the driving patterns of our 12,000 drivers in the Passenger Transport Division

Slide 5: Qualification on energy-efficient driving starts with theoretical seminar and is practised on the job and on the simulator

Slide 6: To achieve sustainable knowledge, a variety of media is used to inform train drivers on energy-efficient driving

Slide 7: Challenging the train drivers on the simulator by competition

Slide 8: ESF EBuLa calculates a recommendation to switch off traction current so that trains still arrive at their destination on time

Slide 9: Train drivers with very high or low energy consumption are identified for monthly feedback talks on their individual driving patterns