Safer, Smarter, Fuel Efficient Eco-Driving

FuelClinic™ will help you practice eco-driving and improve your gas mileage using the vehicle that you already own - while reducing your CO2 emissions, accident risk, and saving money. Easily track your progress online.
Our Members are Saving Money and Making a Difference

FuelClinic™ eco-driving community members have improved their fuel efficiency an average of 1.38% over 22,336,463 miles.

Money Saved
USD Equivalent
Fuel Saved
13,474 gals.
US Gal. Equivalent
CO2 Reduced
261,399 lbs.
CO2 Emissions Cut
Eco-Driving: Together We Are More Powerful Than Oil
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EPA SmartWay Affiliate
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Georgia Southern University - Center for Sustainability
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ITS Florida
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Eco-Driving Tips
Time merging into traffic when entering a highway
4 Stars
Advanced Technique - Smooth ... smooth ... smooth. If you find yourself stopped at the end of a long highway merge ramp, waiting to squeeze in line, you know for sure that you screwed-up and just cost yourself a good half pint of fuel. We love nothing more than to ease on down a long gentle merge lane and slip effortlessly in line with my tachometer registering just barely 2000 RPMs and the faintest wisp of fuel spraying through the injectors. Silly? Maybe. Efficient? Absolutely.
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